Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who knew tape could be so fun

My girlfriend Leanna (who also happens to be a professional photographer: sent me a photo of her two girls and their friends as they were leaving for their homecoming dance. One of the girls’ friends wore a long white dress trimmed in turquoise. A dress she made herself—entirely out of duct tape. (I didn’t realize it came in colors now!) My boys have gotten creative with duct tape before, and I was quite impressed when they covered a piece of cardboard with a roll of the stuff and created a wallet. But this girl is in another league entirely! Not only am I impressed with her creativity, but as a teenager, I would have never had the confidence to step out in a dress so different than everyone else’s. I like her and I’ve never met her. Leanna also said that the girl’s date had a matching turquoise tape suit. Very cool.


Leanna said...

"Gerty" was interviewed this morning by the local television station on her and her date's outfits for Homecoming. I think it is great she is getting the attention. She put a lot of time into this dress and deserves to show it off. Gerty is such a sports oriented girl and against wearing dresses of any kind and when I saw her in her dress I didn't know who she was at first. She is a beautiful girl and her heart is good, too. Just a note, Gerty's as well as her dates flowers were made out of duct tape as well.

Wila said...

I love it! Having two daughters and having already invested hundreds of dollars in one time dresses (for choir, weddings, etc.) I love the originality displayed. The photo is small but I have to say the dress looks beautiful on her.