Monday, January 19, 2009

It's my hair, don't touch it.

I don't think anyone can accuse me of having the same hairstyle my entire life.

This preschool photo of me begs the question, Can your bangs ever be too short? Answer: Yes, oh, absolutely. I think my mom started to see hairline and finally quit trying to get them straight.

Then pretty much every other school picture I had taken showcased my latest home perm. My mother apparently couldn't accept the fact that I had naturally straight hair and tried to prove curly hair could be achieved. I was never happy about it.

Here as a high school junior. Still getting perms but apparently resigned to it and smiling.

Then as an adult, I finally became in charge. At times my hair is long and dark, short and blonde or medium and red. Or any combination of those. But always, always straight.

This past week, I fell victim to another family member's idea of what hairstyle would look good on me. Before I left for my son's soccer game, I let my daughter style my hair. Thankfully I was able to use the excuse of needing to wear a hat, so she let me lose two of the three pony tails. And all the hairbows. I'm old enough now not to lose my dignity at the hands of another. For now. When I'm in a nursing home and unable to defend myself, hopefully no one will take pictures.


Joan Mora said...

Wow, your K pic looks like Mia!
I have a similar hair history, but I'd never have the nerve to post it! Yours are cute. :)

Marianne said...

You are beautiful what ever the color, the length, curly, or straight. You should show your senior picture. Your hair was pretty then, too.
Love, Mother

PT Hammonds said...

I'll send you the $20 I promised you for saying that. :-)

My hair in my senior pic looked about the same as my junior one. Permed.

aradachi said...

I should send you my senior picture - the era of "backlighting" for the halo effect. Lovely, and also permed. I, too, wear my hair straight and LONG.

Your younger sister

Anonymous said...

When were you ever blonde? For a minute there I thought you posted a picture of Lori! You are a brave woman, I don't think I could ever show my hair through the years, to anyone, much less go public !


PT Hammonds said...

The picture with my short hair is of Lori and me. We were serving snacks at Homework Club. And that's what I consider blonde. Blonde for me! It's just that she is more blonde than I am.

I know I should have more shame and my sister said to me this morning, "I can't believe you put your school pictures online."

Kendra said...

Ah yes, the dutch boy cut with ran rampid in our family! Not only did I have the bangs, but the Dorothy Hamil doo until I was in 8th grade! 8th grade! I'm sure you remember. I remember being at Aunt Mari's house and you cut my hair (still in a bowl mind you), but you feathered my sides. My mom LOVED that hair doo! Ughh! After 8th grade I began getting home perms as well....and yes, I too had a perm in my senior pic...the added effect of leaning against a tree near Christy Woods was the icing on the hottie cake. :) I too am now blonde and wear my hair straight. SOOO much better!

Amy, I'm picturing you in a striped sweater or sitting in a wicker chair...???

Philip said...

My mom used to give me home perms too. Apparently she didn't like straight hair either. As a result there isn't a picture of me I like until college. I burned the rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure my sister had the same hairdo AND shirt in the junior high picture. She's naturally curly, though--and blows it out.

I was just telling my own daughter the other day about the "feathers" I got in time for our bicentennial program when I was in fourth grade. Colonials Meet Farrah Fawcett; I don't see the problem. My first professional haircut. Which is especially sad when you find that I got a "shag" about four years earlier. And you thought your mom did a number with the bangs...


Anonymous said...

At least you managed to skip the Leia-do that I remember a couple girls in my class coming to school with.

Anonymous said...

I love your hair in the picture with Ben and Jacob. You look amazing!