Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am not (completely) responsible

They were warned. When my daughter started preschool this year, I told her teacher and her assistant that things might come out of my child’s mouth for which I could not be blamed. She has two brothers, ages 12 and 15, and along with overhearing their conversations, they also think it’s funny to teach her phrases inappropriate for a four-year-old.

Yesterday when I picked her up from school, Mia’s teacher told her friend’s mother that Morgen had a hard time keeping her pants up so they fashioned a belt out of a piece of yarn for her. Then Ashley, the teacher’s assistant, said through giggles that while Morgen’s too-big britches slipped down, Mia shouted out, “Hey, Morgen. Crack kills!” Gee, wonder who taught her that?

Rewind to Saturday’s soccer game when she insisted on wearing her Belle dress and latched onto her brother’s bling (from his gangsta ghost) as an accessory. He gave her a line to recite if anyone asked her what she had around her neck. She was only too happy to comply. So when one mom asked her about her gaudy necklace, she said, “That’s ma chain, foo’!”

Also note from the picture how she is wearing no shoes. Half-way to the game (which is 45-minutes away with no traffic), we noticed she was put in her carseat without shoes. We spent the pre-game warm-up time driving around looking for a Payless so we could buy her some shoes and never found one. Forgetting to put shoes on your child is a sure sign we are too old to be having children.


Joan said...

She's hilarious! She's definitely got a career in comedy.

Love the bling...

Happy Halloween!

trawir123 said...

Morgen made the blog! Although I should not be too proud of how she did. You forgot shoes, and I forgot a belt! I made sure her pants were nice and tight today!