Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

This morning started with the usual weekday routine. Drag lazy carcass out of bed (self, not hubby’s—he’s too heavy to drag), say good morning to early-riser child who is catching up on everything important in the world via ESPN, then wake sleepy teen boy who slept all night on his sister’s bedroom floor after falling asleep while listening to a Junie B. Jones book-on-CD. I’ll admit; it is tough to pull yourself away from the antics of the most obnoxious first-grader and her friends. Wowie, wow, wow!

He finally showers and comes downstairs with a plain white T-shirt on and jeans. Apparently at his high school it’s acceptable to wear a costume today, and since I refused to run to Target last night at 9 o’clock in search of an afro so he could go as a white Jimi Hendrix, he opted to be Three-Hole-Punch Jim from The Office. All I had to do was wonder-under some black felt circles down the front of his shirt and he was set. Sure was easier than the princess costume I made for his sister. Or the gansta ghost his brother made.

Going to cut this short. It’s in the mid-70s outside, and I’m headed for the back patio to work on my novel. It’s just too pretty to be sitting behind the computer today. Happy Halloween!

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