Friday, October 26, 2007

Momma's got a brand new 'do

Yesterday I sought refuge from my hair disaster in a new salon. My daughter’s preschool teacher told me about her cousin who cuts hair, and since her teacher’s hair looked evenly cut and presentable, I took her cousin’s name and called her salon. Lucky me, she had an opening!

When I walked in and asked for Amanda, I’ll admit I did hesitate a bit when the girl (trust me, I have underwear older than she is) with black hair and blue highlights, a lip ring and tattoos, said, “I’m Amanda.” With as much authority as I could muster without an undertone of bitchiness, I said to her before sitting down, “Look. I am forty-something and I can’t pull off anything too crazy. I’d like to look updated but not trendy. Got it?” She got it.

Amanda was a good listener and an even better stylist. Forty minutes later I was washed, cut, styled and on my way. Now I look a little like Victoria Beckham’s older, darker-haired, less-fit and much poorer second cousin, once removed.

And for those of you who called or emailed your hair horror stories or asked for a picture of my bad hair: Thank you for sharing and NO, I am not posting a photo of me with Cher-hair. It’s taken me two days to stop singing “If I could turn back time…”


Nancy said...

I'm trying to remember Cher's hair in that video and all I can come up with is the lyrics I wrote to that tune--if you could see my bu-utt

That's what that video was all about, wasn't it?

I may need the number to your new hairdresser, btw.

PS Sorry my picture won't quit. This happens now and then when I start posting on a new blog.

aradachi said...

Pamela and I had the same hairdresser for a while. Pretty amazing when you consider I lived in Dayton and she was living in Alabama. Come to find out, her "hair girl" (as we call it in my house) used to live in Decatur and after she moved to Dayton, continued to visit Decatur for one week a month to work at her old salon. My sister was lamenting the fact that her stylist had moved to my town, and suggested I look her up. Thus began a 15 year relationship with that salon here in town. Pamela's stylist got me hooked, then up and moved to Tennessee. I began a new relationship with Brenda, who has now known me longer than my husband of 14 years. Last year, Brenda got in a tiff with new management and left, without notice or anything. The salon moved literally two doors down from my office at this point, so I stayed with the salon and changed stylists. What a difference a stylist can make. I loved Brenda, but she always agreed with me and never suggested anything "outside the box." Vicki is a little daring and I've loved working with a new "girl." The right stylist can make all the difference in the world.

Kendra said...

If it makes you feel any better I have "That Girl" hair....*sigh*

I love the "Posh" doo...don't think I could pull it off though.

The only time I cried while still at the "hair salon" was when Kristin and I were probably 8 and 12 and mom took us to the Beauty College in Muncie because hair cuts were $1 (or thereabouts) and we both left with the Beauty School special...the "Dutch Boy"...our bangs were so was obviously very traumatic!