Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why I'm glad I'm not famous

Not long ago a literary agent posted on his blog the question: Would you rather achieve acclaim or great wealth? Now, I'm wondering why people would have to think twice about it. For me it would be like asking, Would you rather live your life in a bubble or be able to have financial security? Kind of a no-brainer.

I'm admittedly easily distracted by celebrity news. It's mostly a work-avoidance tactic, but if I see an interesting lead-in on an article about a famous person, chances are I'll read it. At times I've had to tell myself, Why are you reading about a show firing an actor when you've never even watched the show and have no idea who they are? That's when I reel it in and refocus.

Part of the attraction celebrity news has for me is it gives me an opportunity to give thanks that I currently live in relative obscurity. Not only am I not famous, I've also moved around enough that when I venture out, chances are I won't run into anyone I know. And I like that.

So I decided to list reasons why I'm glad I'm a nobody. And yes, it became another reason to avoid my workload today. (At least I can admit to being a slacker.)

Reasons I’m glad I’m not famous:

1) I can wear my pajamas while I drive my kids to school without fear of rumors being spread that I have a terminal illness.
2) I can shop at Target (or Goodwill) for my clothes without fear of being portrayed as cheap.
3) I can wear my pajamas as I walk to the mailbox without fear of being labeled lazy.
4) I can drive a battered minivan without fear of being laughed at.
5) I can go out in public without wearing makeup without fear of being photographed.
6) I can send text messages to my friends without fear of having them made public.
7) I can wear clothes that make me look fat without fear of rumors that I’m pregnant.
8) I can wear clothes that make me look skinny without fear of rumors that I have an eating disorder.
9) I can scold my children at the grocery without fear of someone calling me a bad mother.
10) I can read a book at the park while my daughter plays without fear of someone saying she’d be better off with her nanny.
11) I can be seen leaving a doctor’s office without fear of people speculating what might be wrong with me.
12) I can have lunch in public with my friends without fear of someone judging me for eating meat. Or carbs. Or both.
13) I don’t feel compelled to name my children after a fruit, a Disney character or a flower.
14) I can age gracefully and not worry about whether the latest facial injection will turn my lips into beanbags.
15) I can write stupid stuff on my blog without fear of having it read by millions.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your anonymity while it lasts--or have a nom de plume on stand by--its only a matter of time :)