Friday, January 30, 2009

Fly on the Wall

(posting so my mom will quit nagging that it’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog…)

I finish reading to my daughter the other night and she starts her prayer…

She: Dear God: Please help Mom, Ben, Dad, Jacob, Me, Jett (the dog), the fish and Small Pie (the hamster) have a good night’s sleep. Wait. Not Small Pie. Amen.
Me: Why didn’t you want Small Pie to have a good night’s sleep? (I figure it’s because he just bit me and she’s enacting some revenge on my behalf.)
She: Because. He’s nocturnal?
And if she were a little older she would have added a “Duh” followed by an eye roll.

At dinner the other night…

Ben: What’s up with this applesauce? It’s disgusting.
Me: What’s wrong with it?
Ben: It’s all weird and chunky.
Me: It’s homemade.
Ben: Oh. I love it! It’s amazing. So good and chunky. It’s delicious.
Me: Just pour it out. Good grief.


Julie Layne said...

Those kids. :) Mia won't be praying for me, either, under these conditions. LOL

Reminds me of when Ryan was about four and I was baking parmesan chicken. As soon as you could smell it, he started whining, then crying, then sobbing as he yelled, "It stinks! It stinks! Make it stop!"

I made him go in his room and stay until I was finished cooking and we were done eating. They just don't appreciate the hard work, do they? ;-)

Julie Layne said...

Smooth transition in the above comment ... or not. The applesauce story is what reminds me of the parmesan chicken. Just in case anyone is slow on the uptake.