Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Sports

There are some things in life you 'regret' such as a sarcastic comment uttered that you originally thought was funny. In hindsight, you realized it was probably hurtful and hopefully made amends.

Here in our back yard, we've experienced a different kind of slip-up, to the tune of 100-0. It is embarrassing and also astonishing that no one stepped up during the duration of the game and said, "Hey, look. Let's ease up a bit. Maybe put in a bench warmer or two. Or play a man down." But, no. Somewhere along the way, the team got caught up in the possibility of breaking 100 and let loose. How regretful. And now apologies are being made.

Last night I attended my son's high school soccer game. We won, 4-0. After we were ahead 2-0, the third goal slipped in on an obvious error by the opposing keeper. What followed was admirable. Our boys didn't high-five. The parents didn't cheer or clap. Silence. Good sportsmanship by all, and I was proud. It was as though the goal didn't count, and everyone quietly lined up again at the middle of the field.

Maybe the memory of this recent romp by some high school girls was playing in our heads. Let's hope we never forget it.

PS: Tonight I was alerted about another story of school spirit. This one the good kind and again, it was in our back yard. Click here to read about what happened when Faith Christian in Grapevine hosted the Gainesville Tornadoes. It's very touching.

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