Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dutch ice skaters

When I was a kid I remember watching my family skate on the frozen lake at my grandparents' home in North Webster, Indiana. My grandmother's family was Dutch and several wore the traditional skates with the wood bases and leather straps with long, dangerous-looking metal blades. We children wore double-bladed skates that kept us from falling as easily.

This morning I found this news story from Holland. Apparently all the canals are frozen over and people are now skating on them. Looks like fun! And it brings back memories of skating with my family at the lake. If you browse through the pictures, you'll find one with a man near his boat, wearing wooden shoes. We have two pairs here at our house. One bright red and new-looking. Another pair that's more natural with hand-painted embellishments. If you've never tried walking in wooden shoes, you're missing out. They're quite painful unless you have on really heavy socks.

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