Monday, January 5, 2009

Making calendars

Every year for the past dozen or so, I’ve made personalized calendars for grandparents and us. About seven years ago, my friend Jennifer gave me some calendar-making software that made including everyone's birthday a breeze. I just entered the names once and then each year they were automatically there. This year Jennifer converted to Shutterfly’s calendar program and, being a good, obedient friend, I did the same, even though this meant re-inputting everyone’s birthdays. (And for my mother's calendar, I had to input the dates when people close to us have died.)

Since this was a pretty big task, naturally I put it off for as long as possible. Shutterfly’s set-up was easy to follow, and this weekend I began inputting dates for our calendars. Keep in mind that I make four and no two have the exact same birthdates posted, therefore this involves some coordination on my part to make sure someone doesn’t get a calendar and think, Who the heck is Joe Blow and why is he having a birthday on my calendar?

My mother likely keeps up with everyone she’s ever met and when they were born. I’ve convinced her to whittle down her card-giving list and now she only keeps up with 205 birthdates/anniversaries/deathdates. It’s really 205. I just counted. I called her last night after I ordered her calendar to let her know it was on its way.

Me: I just ordered your calendar and it will come directly to you from Shutterfly.
She: Oh, good. Thanks.
Me: One problem. Shutterfly will only allow you to list three events on each date. On two occasions you had four. On February 14 you had three birthdays, so I had to leave off Valentine’s Day.
She: That’s fine.
Me: And then also in February, you had four people with birthdays on the same day, so I dropped one of them.
She: That’s okay. Who did you drop?
Me: Someone named Madge Waters.*
She: Oh, that’s fine. She died this year.
Me: (laughing and trying not to) I guess I picked the right one!

Lesson: Be careful what you offer to do for people. Sometimes there is no end in sight.

*not her real name


Joan Mora said...

That must be some calendar! Does your mom also like cemeteries? Just wondering. :)

You're a good soul to do that for her.

Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to make calendars at Snapfish--and to generally register at Snapfish. Heck, to have pictures in any form other than digital space. I bow down to you on the SAH/writerM front. You are the Queen.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't even know 205 people. Is your mom really connected or am I just socially retarded?

Pamela Hammonds said...

Well, you might be socially retarded, but keep in mind that the 205 count includes a handful of deceased people.