Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guilt in a red and white envelope

Usually I love seeing the red and white envelopes in my mailbox. Movies! From Netflix!

The other day I eagerly tore into the latest haul. (Since I queue up movies, several at a time, weeks in advance, I am sometimes surprised at what arrives.) First opened: The Nanny Diaries. Cool. I’d read the book and wanted to see the movie even though it didn’t get stellar reviews. Then I opened: Ghost Rider. Eh, okay. I think the boys wanted to see it. Last to get ripped open: Billy Blanks’ Ultimate Bootcamp. Ugh! I had forgotten!

My husband, in a surge of New Year resolution guilt energy, dusted off the treadmill and opened it up in our room. And actually used it. Three times. In the past four weeks. Although I doubt we’d qualify as contestants on The Biggest Loser/Couples, we both could stand some flabbage control.

Seeing that he was making an effort to exercise, I decided to revert back to the only routine I’d ever stuck to and gotten results from: Tae Bo. I had exercised with Billy back in the pre-DVD era and, I have to admit, I’d never been in better shape. Surely I could do this again. I guess it would help to take the DVD out of the envelope and put it in the player.

I have a couple of motivators that should spur me into action. First of all, I lied to my OB/GYN last year when she asked if I exercised. (Surely she could tell I was not a gym-rat!) Now that my annual appointment is fast approaching, I’m afraid this year she won’t buy it when I step on the scale. And I know a family history of osteoporosis should sufficiently scare me into weight-training, but so far it hasn’t. I just take vitamins and hope that’s helping. I’m sure it’s not enough.

And then there’s my girls’ weekend in early March. I’d love to lose a few pounds before then. Not that my friends care that I still carry over ten pounds of baby weight, but I’m sure we’ll do some shopping. Wouldn’t it be fun to buy a cute summer dress that actually had a waistline?

When my husband decided to unleash the treadmill and board it, I offered to take a “before” picture of him so he could document his progress. He was in his underwear at the time. “Are you nuts?” he asked. “You want me to take one of you?”

Now where would he get such a crazy idea?

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Kendra said...

My friend, Kelly and I have this conversation almost daily....we NEED to exercise and get in shape, yet it never seems to happen. As we turn 40 (ouch!) we know we need to treat our bodies better. We had the same conversation this morning....while I ate my second doughnut from Dunkin Donuts and sipped on a Diet Coke! Ahhh...healthy! :)