Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Funny is as funny does

A few months ago I submitted a cold query to a parenting magazine. I found the editor’s email address online, wrote a letter and attached a short article. Weeks and weeks passed and no word. Then one day, a response. She loved the writing, but they were looking for humor columns for their closing page of the magazine. Did I have anything else to submit?

I told my husband about it and his response was, “Do you know how to write something funny?” After I stomped on his instep and punched his shoulder, he refocused. “I mean, I think you’re funny, but will others?”

Well, I sat back at the computer and pulled up my word documents’ list. Sometimes when inspiration strikes, I’ll write up a little something and file it away. Lurking there was an article I’d written on commuting with kids, but the word count was wrong and I loved every word and couldn’t bear to cut it in half. So, I dug back into my blog and decided the one about my haircut might work. I sent it off and lo and behold, she thought it was funny and bought it.

Another time, my son read through some of my blog entries and came out to the kitchen. “So are you trying to sound smart when you write your blog?” he asked, scratching his head. Was there a compliment lurking there? I wondered. “Why, do you think I sound smart or am I using big words or something?”

“No, not really. Well, kinda,” was his response. “No, I’m not trying,” I told him. “It just comes out that way. Naturally. Because I am smart,” I said to the back of his head as he rummaged through the pantry in search of food.

Apparently around here, humor and intelligence is in the ear of the beholder. Or something like that. I don’t try to be funny. Or smart. But I’ll bet if you ask my mom…


Joan Mora said...

I think you're smart and funny. I "get" you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, my daughter is very smart and funny, and also an excellent writer.

Anonymous said...

As her younger sister who grew up in her shadow, I can vouch for her not only being smart and funny, she was also "the pretty one!"