Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Letter

I know I've already posted on my Christmas Card woes for this year. But the annual letter did get written and the cards were mailed just a few days before Christmas. If you didn't receive one, it doesn't mean we didn't think of you, I just keep a really tight list--as I'm sure most everyone does. For those who sent us greetings, we love hearing from you. Just don't wait a whole year to stop in and say, Hey! Have a great New Year!

Here's our letter:

The Kids' Bios

Amelia Marie aka Mia

Spend days: playing dress-up; helping my mom; and talking about my former life in South Africa where I was 7, lived in a pink house, had 12 older brothers and sisters, 3 baby brothers and 3 baby sisters, and was Criss Angel’s girlfriend.

Career Goals: Last month—ballerina, last week—cowgirl, this week—road builder

Recent Accomplishments: starting to learn to read and spell, coloring in the lines, twirling without falling, styling my hair

I’d like to improve myself by: not being so bossy—not really, but Mom thinks I should

Favorite Catch Phrases: Fo-shizzle and You forgot to say please!

Benjamin aka Ben

Spend days: playing 8th-grade basketball and select soccer, wrestling the dog and watching ESPN

Career Goal: play soccer at Texas A&M or Auburn.

Biggest obstacle to goal: Texas A&M and Auburn don’t currently have men’s soccer teams.

Recent Accomplishments: straight A’s so far this year and making the basketball team

I’d like to improve myself by: growing taller

Favorite Catch Phrase: Get off me—I can’t breathe!!!

Jacob aka Moose

Spend days: playing guitar and bass in church band, wakeboarding on Lake Grapevine, and learning to drive

Career Goal: go to college as a music major

Biggest obstacle to goal: passing pre-AP chemistry

Recent Accomplishments: landing a role in Titanic—my high school’s musical

I’d like to improve myself by: being a better singer and solving Rubik’s Cube without online help

Favorite Catch Phrase: Do we have anything to eat around here?

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Elizabeth said...

Wow! You act fast! I know everyone "out there" will enjoy them! They are just REALLY AWESOME photos, and I thought you should boast!

Thanks, again, for sharing!

Love, E