Wednesday, May 27, 2009

French Homework...


...was never like this when I was in high school, c'est la vie.

The assignment: write a commercial in French.

The product: this video by my son and his two classmates.

The gist: girl can't get guy until she is transformed via Jean Jean Sexy Wear.

Jean Jean (aka Jacob) also wrote the music for the jingle and played all the instruments. Très bien!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I loved it! Jacob is so creative :)

Wila said...

Okay, I love it but can I have the English translation...Merci!

Pamela T Hammonds said...

I'm not sure you want the English translation!

btw, they got a 90% on it.

Jean-Jean est déçu.

Anonymous said...

this vid is so freakin stupid you're son a retard

Pamela T Hammonds said...

very funny, Jacob

Kim Bullock said...