Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad timing

Since I have documented proof that the dog likes to lie on the stairs, you'd think I'd remember to step over him--just out of habit. But Thursday night after putting my daughter to bed, I stepped on him. It was dark, he was sleeping and I forgot. He let out a yelp and flipped to get out from under me, slicing the bottom of my foot with his dew claw in the process.

The next morning, I endured three stitches and a tetanus shot plus the doctor gave me a supply of antibiotics and some handy dandy Vicodin. The cut is not a big deal, but it makes it difficult to walk and drive. Plus I planned to attend a writers' conference the next two days.

So, Joan had to drive me to the conference, and I spent the weekend hobbling around from room to room, propping my foot up whenever possible. Other than breaking out in hives from a reaction to the antibiotic, things went pretty smoothly. I pitched our book and got permission from the agent to submit a sample, so we'll see what happens. Plus I met some really nice people (including Susan, a writer in the area) and gathered some helpful information.

And the dog no longer runs from me when he sees me coming. Did I mention he's not very smart?


Maria Zannini said...

Poor Pamela. It makes me wonder if the dog has life insurance on you.

I know. You said he wasn't very smart. But what better way to lure you into a false sense of security.

Hope you recover soon!

Susan said...

Hope your foot is healing nicely. Great post, enjoyed meeting you Sunday! I went to the DFW Writer's Workshop tonight... damn, I have a lot of work to do. Talk soon! ~Susan

PT Hammonds said...

Susan, I went to that workshop. Once. They can be brutal. But effective. They have quite a few published authors as a result. It was too much of a haul for me.

Kim Bullock said...

Yikes!!!! Sounds awful. Hope you are back (comfortably) on your feet soon.