Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weight a minute

Last month I saw on the Today show that carrying excess weight around your middle can be linked to amnesia. No, not that. Umm, let’s see. Dementia. That’s it. And I thought the humiliation of not being able to button my pants was making me crazy. Didn’t know there was something scientific about it.

I read an article today that if you have an hourglass figure (aka big boobs, big butt), you’re less likely to develop diabetes. This reminded me of an afternoon not long ago when I was outside, pulling weeds in the front flowerbeds and my older son happened to be coming home from school. I was greeted with his singing, “I like big butts and I cannot lie…” Lucky for him, he was out of striking range at the time. I learned not to pull weeds between the hours of three and five. But I can’t lay claim to an hourglass figure. I'm thinking he just had a bad angle.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to read about research indicating that not giving a flip about what a few extra pounds does to your physical or mental health is actually quite gratifying. Fat and happy is not just a cliché. It’s a way of life. Tonight I was out shopping with my younger son for his eighth grade dance clothes. We passed a lovely halter dress that I admired. I commented that I’d love it, but I really need to lose some weight before I expose my arms this season. He turned to me with a shocked look on his face and said not to, that I was just fine the way I am. (Right now, loving son number two just a little bit more.)

My grandmother always preached that you should carry a few extra pounds just in case you get sick and can’t eat for awhile. Unfortunately that line of thinking never really works. You might get sick and not be able to eat, but somehow the weight never goes away. I’m sure it’s scientific. The body is designed to maintain its status regardless of food intake. It’s just waiting for you to exercise before it will drop the pounds. And tonight, that just sounds like a whole lot of work.

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Kendra said...

Have you heard of taking one or two tablespoons of apple cidar vinegar every day mixed in water or orange juice? It's supposed to make you drop a few pounds, liven up your complexion and help you hair. I took 1 tablespoon a couple days ago...haven't seen any results must offer time delayed results! Seriously, I have several girlfriends taking it...I'll keep you posted on progress.