Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The end is in sight

We are now at the end of the school year, that final sprint to the finish line of the marathon of academia. Where’s the beverage person when you need him? And when will that ever elusive adrenalin kick in?

Tonight we have three children performing in three events at three different locations: a high school choir concert at a local church, a middle school band concert at the high school, and a preschool program at another church. All start at 7 p.m. And the two concert kids have to wear their tuxes and have no idea where they are. One tux, I know, spent the last month wadded up in a gym bag. Let’s hope he’s standing in the back row.

May seems to be the month when everything gets wrapped up: school, soccer, baseball, etc. What will we do in June when no one has to be anywhere at any specific time? Maybe a day lounging at the pool. Or possibly we’ll just hang out here and do nothing. Let me put it on the calendar…

For today, I’m going to relish the next three hours of just me and the dog here at home, listening to Marc Broussard on iTunes, and try to focus on completing some articles that are due. If someone wants to bring me lunch later, that’d be great. If not, I’m sure I’ll survive. The dog and I aren’t all that picky when it comes to eating.

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Kendra said...

Let's just say Downey Wrikle Release should be a staple in everyone's home. I love this stuff! Hang the tux on the bathroom shower rod, spray on the wrinkle release, tug on the tux and in minutes he'll be ready to go! Trust me!