Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey, Kid. Wanna vitamin?

I recommended to my sister a prescription strength vitamin I take. Since we both have the threat of osteoporosis in our genetic recipe (with just a dash of crazy sprinkled in), I thought she would benefit from it too. It has extra stuff for bone loss and some amino acid for mood enhancement. One of the differences I noticed after taking it was a sense of clear-headedness. She had her doctor write her a script and started taking it too.

Then she called me and asked, “Do you dream weird with this stuff?” I didn’t want to tell her beforehand for fear she’d think I was a little touched, but yes, I had noticed my dreams were a bit more vivid than before. She experienced it too. We can’t decide if we’re sleeping more soundly because of the vitamins, or if the amino acid content is a little light on “amino” and a little heavy on the “acid.”

For example, Monday night I dreamt that Barack Obama chose Mike Huckabee as his running mate. No joke. I did have some bizarre dreams before, but this stuff keeps causing me to dream really strangely almost every night. But I don’t mind. My first idea for a novel came from a vision I had right as I was about to go to sleep. If I keep taking the Wonder Vitamin, I’ll undoubtedly start writing paranormal, sci-fi and quite possibly, political satire.


Joan Mora said...

I want one (or two!)

That would be a strange ticket!

Kendra said...

I want this "vitamin" too...I'm part of your "soon to be hunched over, a little on the crazy side" family! I already have bizzare dreams so what would happen to me??

pamela hammonds said...

It's called Encora. Their website is and I just went there and found a $20 off coupon. You'll just need your doc to write you a script for it. Then, Happy Dreams!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I might have to try these. Interesting. Very interesting.

Kim Bullock said...

I want some of those! I can always do with strange dreams. The Obama/
Huckabee ticket would be odd, but it would be far superior to a Huckabee/Obama ticket, which would be a nightmare. (I guess that says where I stand in politics but oh well.) I wonder what the magic ingredient is?

Anonymous said...

They are a MIRACLE pill. I sleep better and was the only one in my household to NOT get the flu two weeks ago. I swear by them, even though my co-pay doubled in 2008. So worth it.

Amy (the sister)