Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Friends and Flying Horses

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated my blog. Even my daughter keeps checking. She told me last night she went on, “PamelaHammonds dot Dogspot dot com.” Lucky for her it’s bookmarked on our computer, so she didn’t actually end up on a dogspot.

I guess since she’s fresh on my mind, I’ll mention that the other day she asked me what I used to play with when I was a little girl. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do this:

She says the horse is flying, but I’m not so sure. Quite a few toys in the house end up in various stages of bondage, and that is after she has attached hairbows to their fur and bracelets and pony-tail holders to their appendages. I think it’s time to spring the piñata-horse from its dangling place.

No, when I was little we lived in the country and our only next-door neighbor had two children who were the same ages and genders as my older brother and sister. So until I turned six and had a new baby sister to pester, I was pretty much left to fend for myself. I remember playing outside with the dog, picking flowers or playing in the snow. Other times I’m sure I was my mother’s shadow. That might be why I like to cook and bake and was the only daughter who learned how to sew.

When I got a bit older, a bicycle gave me all the freedom I needed. About a mile down the road lived two best friends, Connie and Brenda, who let me intrude on their friendship. We climbed trees, formed a club, baked cookies, did each other’s hair and spent many hours traipsing through the woods across the street. At some point, they told me about sex, and it took me a long time before I believed they knew what they were talking about.

We also went on long bike rides together. Even though we were no older than nine or ten, we’d take off and be gone all day. Too bad the world we live in today is so different. We went to school together from third grade to college and are still friends today. Connie now lives in Austin and Brenda lives in Indianapolis. Although it’s been years since I’ve seen either of them at our class reunion, Christmas cards and email keep us in touch with each other. Good friends—unlike flying horses—are worth hanging on to.


Kristin said...

Pam & I spent many hours playing with Barbies, Chrissy & Velvet and Peter's GI Joes. At the lake we would swim, jump off Grandpa Wilson's shoulders into the water, roll in the innertubes, FISHED (remember Wisconsin?) and played in the sandbox! I actually rolled one of my kids in the innertube this summer!
Pam would also give all the dolls new haircuts & styles!! Pam would take me on motorcycle rides around the yard. We really had a great time growing up and have so many memories.

Brenda said...

I too spent many hours playing Chrissy & velvet dolls. My Chrissy doll and I both enjoyed our play time at the Tooley's. We both had our ear's pierced and our haircut. I also remember her mom letting us eat raw choclate chip cookie dough. Both my doll and I still have pierced ears and she is still wearing an outfit that Pam's mom made. I still have an addiction to eating raw cookie dough.
Pam let me ride the motorcycle by myself and I ran into the side of the house.
Connie was the one that told both of us about sex. In college I got a D in Biology 100 because I didn't understand the reproductive
system. Soo I am not sure what we heard. Good times...Good times...