Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Horse Therapy

Recipe for having the creative juices sucked right out of you:

Host a marathon birthday party for teenager and ten of his closest buds
Have four-year-old daughter throw up all over the kitchen floor and then run fever for four days
Commit to three articles with deadlines all on the same week that child is too ill to attend preschool
Have to cancel critique group because husband went out of town and child is still sick
Have only connection to the outside world involve trips to nearest grocery for food and cleaning products
Forget to bathe one day and decide you really don’t care

Put it all together and you have no desire to be witty, clever, or engaging in your conversations much less your writings.

As much as I love writing my blog in the hopes that someone besides my mother is reading it and feeling a similar connection, I hesitate to write when I really have nothing to say. My thoughts the last few days weren’t really worth sharing.

But…child is better, articles are submitted and have been accepted, I’ve bathed and dressed and even flat-ironed my hair. Now we’ve just completed a mission of kindness and pursuit of fresh air. I bought a jumbo bag of carrots on my last run to the store and we headed out to feed our neighborhood horses. I think they enjoyed our company as much as we did theirs.


Joan said...

What I love about your writing (and outlook on life!) is that you always maintain a sense of humor.

PS. Bathing is highly overrated.

Nancy said...

I find it difficult to update my blog when I have a lot of other writing to do--articles, emails, even comments on other people's blogs. It all can drain the creative juices, but then I go back to the real world, do some living and come back with fresh material.

Elizabeth said...

Someone other than your mom is "out there" reading your blogs and enjoying what you have to say. It fills the voids that have been created since 1997.

Kim said...

I'm reading it, too, and I can SO relate. Max may have to go out of town for a whole month starting right after Thanksgiving and my doctor just declared that I'm an inch from pneumonia! At least the kids are fine though. Glad you got through such a hellacious week.