Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who is more delusional?

Michael Vick who estimates his annual income next year to be a cool $10 million?


My son who told me this morning he could so be an underwear model?

I'd say it's an even toss up.


Anonymous said...

Well, that depends: which son?

PT Hammonds said...

Benjamin! And he struck a pose for me!

Kim Bullock said...

It must be going around. Sasha ( my seven year old) just stripped down to her underwear, and so of course Ashlyn did the same. They are currently singing a song about shaking their booties.

Wila said...

I'm remembering Ben about 10 years ago in his Power Rangers briefs. Oh yeah, I can see it!

Kristin said...

Tyler always said he could be an underwear model. He started that when the "Joe Boxer" commercials came on - he would practice for me!! :)