Monday, April 20, 2009

School Pics

This is what happens when:

a) your mom forgets that it's picture day,

b) and the photographer figures it's best to cover your plain white polo by buttoning up your pretty pink cardigan to your neck, librarian-lady-style,

c) only after you've had recess and your once kinda cute ponytail is now coming down in clumps,

d) then the photographer person (who also works parttime at Taco Bell) makes you hold your arms in an awkward position best reserved for tantrums or rappers,

e) then asks you to say some word such as Walrus! in order to elicit the most unnatural smile you've ever expressed,

f) then prints off $44 worth of pictures, sending them home via your classroom folder, knowing your mom will buy some because, who can stand to think of her baby's pictures going through a shredder?

A scam? I'd say so.


Anonymous said...

This one is priceless! I LOVE the picture, and the great story.

Joan Mora said...

She managed to look adorable anyway. But don't give in! Send the pics back and snap your own.

Julie Layne said...

I'm thinking this one will end up being one of your favorites over the years. After all, it's who she really is, on a "real" day! (Well, maybe other than the buttoned up cardigan?) Her personality shines right through. Buy at least one sheet! My mom has one of these of me from 2nd grade and we love the story behind it. :)

Marianne said...

How precious. I agree with all of the above comments.(Except for sending them all back; keep at least some of them.) I want one. I would love a copy of the story, too. Thanks.
Remember, You have hair issues with some of your school pictures.
Love, Mother

Kendra said...

I am laughing out loud!!! And I just sent it to my co-worker and she's laughing! LOVE the pic. You HAVE to keep it. Send it to Ellen along with your story...she'd love it!

Kim Bullock said...

Oh, keep one at least and scan it to e-mail to others. I forgot it was picture day, too, a couple of days ago...

ashleigh said...

I think they told her to smile like a fish... this is too cute! I wish mom and/or grandma would have forgotten picture day a few times. I had some awesome dresses that caused some serious teasing :)