Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Sound of Music--subway style

This is just pretty darn cool.


Marianne said...

How cute is that! It only took an hour for me to download on my slow dial-up, but it was worth it. I watched it three times. Thanks.

Love you , Mother

PT Hammonds said...

I knew you'd love it and hoped you could with your "treadle" computer.

Love you, Daughter

Anonymous said...

I saw a similar thing in a mall by a Hot Dog on a Stick, except it was original music sung live. (This was also online, not in person.) The mall patrons were quite amused.

In college, my friends and I used to stage "restaurant plays" in which we'd act out some very dramatic scenario (often involving a two timing girl, played by yours truly) for the benefit of all around. It was a complete hoot. I'm sure you are shocked that I would ever do such a thing. Think you're writing partner could be talked into giving it a whirl sometime?...yeah, I didn't think so, either.


Wila said...

I loved this one. My girls and I watched it over and over. The bus terminal reminded me of Grand Central Station. NYC needs to do a Chorus Line rendition to compete!