Friday, March 21, 2008

Rings and Things

Since my friend Wila sends me so many interesting musings on her life as a wife and mother and because I love and respect her perspective, I offered up my blog space to her today. So here is her guest blog:

Rigel’s friend visited the other evening and stayed for dinner. My poor husband had a difficult time eating or carrying on a conversation—he found her nose piercing disturbing. Maybe I spend more time than he does at the mall and in the company of teens, but the tiny sparkle on the side of her nose really didn’t seem that extreme to me. The day after her visit the nose piercing came up in a family conversation. Rigel told her father not to worry. She did not want to pierce her nose, but she really would like to pierce her belly button and get a small tattoo, by the way. It was hard not to laugh at the obvious incomprehension that passed over Bert’s face.

Because I know he feels very strongly about what he considers permanently disfiguring oneself, I remained quiet and hoped to give the impression of a unified front. But I remember seriously considering a small tattoo in college. I have no regrets over not going through with it, and I really wouldn’t want my daughter to be seriously covered in body art, but come on, a tiny bumble bee beside her navel could be cute. Especially next to the belly button ring.

Just so you know, out of respect for her father and since she is too young to drive herself to the local tattoo parlor, at this time, Rigel has no plans to pierce her belly button or tattoo any part of her body until she is of voting age.

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pamela hammonds said...

Jacob asked me this week if I could take him to get a tattoo. Uh, no! Now I'm afraid to let him go off to college for fear he'll come back covered in body art.