Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Better than...therapy: A Girls' Weekend

This past weekend was my short trip to heaven. Well, it was just Tuscon, but it felt like heaven since I spent three days with four of my best friends.

We get together once a year. Some times two or three can’t be there due to scheduling conflicts, but everyone makes an effort to be present—even if it’s only in spirit. Or in Leanna’s case, via a lovely vase of flowers with a card saying she wished she could have made the trek.

A little more than four years ago, we all lived in Illinois and formed friendships, a bookclub, and a bond that has not been broken through time or distance. Now we live in five different states and continue our friendships with phone calls, emails and cards.

I could prattle on about what we did over the weekend, but to outsiders it might seem insignificant—we shopped, we dined, we talked and talked and talked like teenagers at a sleepover (with no mother telling us to turn off the lights and GO TO SLEEP!). On the last night, Traci and I kept Sonya awake by telling her it was only 1:00 AM and not 2:30. We figured she could sleep when she got home.

In my opinion, you never outgrow your need for your girlfriends. My mother still goes to movies, plays and dinners with hers. But her generation tended to stay put once they settled, so I’m envious of her relationships since her friends are just a short drive away. Mine take a little planning a plane ticket to visit.

But it’s worth every effort it takes to get together. I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

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