Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An early morning tragedy

This morning Khandi Busby got out of her father’s yellow Cadillac after he stopped at a gas station in Dallas. She grabbed her two sons, ages six and eight, and dragged them to an overpass. Moments later she tossed both boys 22 feet down to the pavement below, into oncoming 6:30 a.m. traffic. She jumped after them. Miraculously, all survived. She is in critical condition; the boys are listed as good.

What happened? No one knows at this point but maybe her father, who police say followed her to the overpass and tried to talk her out of the act, will be able to shed some light on what caused her to attempt to kill her sons and herself.

In January, Lam Luong threw his four babies off a bridge in Alabama. None of them survived. Luong had a long history of drug abuse, but the details make the story no less tragic. Four innocent children died at the hands of the man God meant as their protector. Andrea Yates used a bathtub, Susan Smith drove her children into a pond, and in our small community last August, Andrea Roberts killed her husband and two children before turning the gun on herself. My maternal instincts can’t fathom how a life could spin that far out of control.

It’s my prayer that Ms. Busby’s children recover and are placed in the hands of someone who will endeavor to make the rest of their lives happy and safe. Whether their mother can ever be entrusted with their care—assuming something can be done to help her mental condition—remains to be seen.

It’s just a sad, sad day. Please keep her and her boys, Gary and Derrick, in your prayers.

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