Monday, January 25, 2010

Lunchbox notes

When the children were little, I used to draw on their white napkins before tucking them into their lunchboxes. Often I used the Letter of the Week for inspiration.

Ben rarely used his and so the napkins came home in his lunchbox just as neatly as they left. Sometimes I'd save them, especially those that took more than two colors to complete, as evidence of my devotion, should he ever question it. As a teenager, if not before.

This morning while I was packing his lunch, he said his friend pulled a napkin from his lunchbox last week to find his mother had written him a note on it. His friend held the napkin close so he could read it without his friends peering over his shoulder.

Then he smiled and said, "Oh, my mom loves me so much." Her message: Ride the bus home!


Suzette Saxton said...

What a devoted mom you are! I love that the teen appreciated his mom. Thanks for the reminder - I need to do this more often!

Jill Palumbo said...

Hi, it is Jill Palumbo here. I just gave you a well-deserved blog award. Please come see.

Scobberlotcher said...