Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Every day for a year? Really?

Lately it seems en vogue to do something every day for a year and then share your findings with the world. I think it started with a group of people who decided to not buy anything new for a year. In an effort to cut down on expenses, save the planet, and determine where to draw the line (as in wearing someone else's underwear), these people set off to show us that you can scrounge around in a dump and find refrigerator parts instead of shelling out $9 for the same part NEW at Home Depot. Nevermind that said dumpisode had them at the emergency room getting a tetnus shot after stepping on a free used rusty nail.

I'm sure part of the rage is the lure of fame and fortune. When Julie Powell decided to cook from Julia Child's cookbook at the rate of one recipe a day for a year, I'm not sure if she knew that a book/movie deal was in her future. Perhaps she was just trying to prove to herself she could cook French food. But, alas, she proved to us all that blogs can make you famous. Or, perhaps she proved that her blog made her famous, but we can all dream.

Then I read the other day about a woman who went an entire year wearing the same dress every day. After watching about three minutes of the video, I lost interest. Maybe her armpit hair kept distracting me, but I kept thinking about the women in third world countries who do this year after year because they have no choice. They own one dress and therefore they wear it. It's not for self-awareness or an attempt to show others that less is more. It's a fact of life.

Yesterday a woman on the Today show explained how she spent an entire year following Oprah Winfrey's advice--from fashion tips to relationships, this woman was Oprahized. Honestly, I thought this had been done before by a woman named Gail.

So, this got me to thinking...all this slaving away trying to write the next bestseller when really, all I have to do is come up with something I can do for an entire year. I jotted down a list of possibilities.

1) Not shave my legs. Actually, I did this for a month during No Shave November a year ago and it didn't really bother me. But I can't see how this will prompt fame and fortune unless I get a product endorsement from NAIR.

2) Wear the same pajamas. I manage to wear them nearly every day until finally shedding them to take a shower and collect my daughter from school. But I'm pretty sure I can't get by with wearing them out shopping. Teenagers can, but not moi.

3) Read a book every day. I already do this. Not an entire book, but I read from a book every day. Still...not seeing the novelty here.

4) Talk to my mother and heed her advice. Nope. I talk to her several times a week, but if I talked to her every day and did what she wanted me to do, I'd have short hair and a perm, a clean house, a tidy laundry room, organized closets and all my clothes would be ironed. And my family would put me away because they'd realize: I'd finally lost it.

5) Eat at McDona--nope, been done, well, for 30 days, but that's almost a year in fast-food time. Eat at Subwa--nope, someone named Jared already beat me to it. Eat at Taco Be--nope, there's some woman on TV now, showing off her fast-food-waistline. Eat at Chick-fil-A? Can't. Closed on Sundays.

6) Knit a scarf/hat/pair of mittens. First, I'd have to learn to knit and then what would I do with all that cold weather gear in Texas?

Since I can't seem to come up with anything plausable/original that will make me rich/famous, I'm going to continue to brainstorm the possibilities. One problem: I'm not a big fan of making myself uncomfortable, working too hard, sweating, following other people's advice, cleaning or making a fool out of myself. I'll let you know a year from now if I latched on to something...


Elizabeth Lynd said...

How about you make a plan to sleep every single day? No exceptions!

I think you can do it.

Pamela Hammonds said...

Sleep...eat...breathe...not a problem. Just not a book deal there. Eat, pray, love. That one worked!

Joan Mora said...

I was distracted by the same armpit hair. Yuk!

I've got one--drink massive amounts of coffee every day. Oh, I already do that. And so do around 2 billion others.

Kim Bullock said...

Hilarious, Pamela! I'd have a problem with this as well. Kind of like New Year's Resolutions, I'd lose interest by the end of January.

Aunt Mari said...

I love the picture! Actually, your hair looks like it has a natural curl. As for all the other things I would like for you, I've "LET IT GO". If it doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother me. The next time I come to visit, I will only do what you ask. Okay?
Love you, Mother

Kendra said...

Crack me up about Gail!!

Hmmm...what could you do every day for a year...??

I though about trying not to complain. (Key words: thought about). It would be good to try though.

Elizabeth Lynd said...

Oh, and I think I forgot to tell you: groovy blouse.

Amy said...

Wow! I can't believe you shared that photo. Was your expression a result of a tight barrette or that shirt you were wearing?
Every day for a year? Eat chocolate? Drink wine? Brush your teeth? How about - count your blessings? I can DO that!

Pamela Hammonds said...

See...I am that secure now in middle age, that I can post retro-me in my 'groovy' blouse (thanks, Elizabeth) and permed hair, sullen expression and not give a flip.