Friday, December 11, 2009

Lunch Lessons

I lunched yesterday with the What Women Write group plus Kim's mom, Deb (who is closer to my age than Kim--humbling...). As always, we talked more than we ate, although the chicken crepes were one giant leap into awesomeness as compared to my usual lunch, which typically begins with What doesn't have fuzz on it? and ends with Didn't I just eat this yesterday?

Over lunch I learned:

procrastination must be a common trait among creative types and this applies, not only to writing deadlines, but holiday decorating too. Five of us (including me) do not have our trees up yet.

that we all have our own ideas about how to conduct a gift exchange, but ultimately the loudest (*Elizabeth*) set the rules. I ended up with a much-needed lotion set. Thank you, Kim.

that the best gift to take into a restaurant known for their desserts is probably not a holiday plate with a homemade cake on it. Fortunately Julie did some fast talking and kept me from getting kicked out of the place. And, coincidentally, she wound up with my cake.

the value in sharing about your children's life experiences with others. Not only can you compare your child (who is so similar in personality with a friend's), you can gather wisdom of what she learned parenting him through similar obstacles.

that time flies when you're having lunch and that no matter how many times we meet, we never run out of things to share--although we've reached the point where pretty much nothing is too personal. And it's just fun to see Joan squirm.

about the shots you have to take to travel to South Africa (Susan leaves in January with the Touch a Life Foundation.), and that one side effect is the feeling of loose teeth. Hmmm.

the legalities of taxes and working abroad as an expatriate. (Kim's dad designs golf courses for Robert Trent Jones and lives overseas most of the year.)

that I am abundantly blessed to have such amazing friends and cohorts who share my fondness of writing, reading and experiencing this crazy journey we've embarked upon. And although you might work at home alone, you can still reach out and form a community that makes you feel connected. Even enough to have an "office" Christmas party.

(and that I have an extremely high forehead and should not wear my hair this way.)


Elizabeth Lynd said...

Pamela, I laughed out loud at least four times reading this, and drooled twice. (I really should've stolen that cake! Though I do lurver my soft blankie and socksies.) The crepes were good, yes. But I seem to remember being told to be in charge of the gift exchange, not yelling for it. Ahem. (Sadly, I think that I come in first, second, and possibly third place for the loudest of the group. Not most chatty, just loudest. Though I'm chatty too, but then we pretty much all are.)

Julie Kibler said...

It's okay about the high forehead, I look like I have rabbit teeth. Must have been the fault of the stranger who took our picture. ;)

'twas all fun. And your cake is disappearing rather quickly without any help from the restaurant management ... Very delicious! I'm glad I came to its defense. :)

Ahem, we're putting our tree up today.

Aunt Mari said...

It is funny, that you mentioned your hair style, because when I saw your picture, my first thought was, "why did she wear her hair like that?" SORRY! However, like I have told you before, you are beautiful no matter what! I love you, Mother
PS I guess I should have planned to come, so I could put up your Christmas tree--something I love to do.

Kim Bullock said...

I can't tell you how happy I am to be a part of this group. I'm such a hermit normally, and I do desperately need to be among "my kind" once in a while. Dear Hubby is a science guy and he just doesn't get my quirks. To all of you I'm normal! Well, sort of...