Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prey or predator?

The box the bird feeder came in advised adding bird seed and attracting birds. Somebody (a squirrel, I suppose) emptied out the feeder the other day, and this morning this little guy decided to hang out for a while. Not sure if he's scoping out something below to pounce on, or if he should look skyward and watch for something poised to carry him off.


Wila said...

Okay I just have to tell you (and I guess everyone else) I have a bit of a love affair thing with little lizards. When I was a child in Alabama I had a little chameleon that lived in my bedroom for several years. We did not have air conditioning and I slept with my window open and only a screen. He lived in my drapes and took care of bugs. I just called him Baby.

Pamela Hammonds said...

We had some anoles as pets but we kept ours in an aquarium. Hated having to buy crickets for them at the pet store. Always feared they would escape in the car on the way home.