Thursday, August 21, 2008

One hundred

One hundred. It’s a pretty big number. And for those who started reading my blog at its inception, pat yourselves on the back. You’ve endured ninety-nine posts so far. Today is the big one-oh-oh.

To commemorate, I decided to list 100 things I love. I’m not listing the obvious—such as God, country and my family. Instead, this is a quirky compilation of things or people or items in pop culture I enjoy, find amusing, or absolutely love.

Here goes, in no particular order:

1. the first page of a book
2. s’mores
3. down pillows
4. a freshly pressed white shirt
5. babies
6. old blue jeans
7. dancing
8. thunderstorms
9. my critique partners
10. British comedies
11. mint
12. music by Jack Johnson
13. salad
14. the beach
15. writing
16. lightly sweetened tea
17. antiques
18. DVR
19. homemade bread
20. chick flicks
21. email
22. grilled salmon
23. smocked dresses on little girls
24. Moonlight Path body lotion from Bath & Body
25. singing in the car
26. soccer
27. uninterrupted sleep
28. the South
29. corn-on-the-cob
30. bare feet
31. happy endings
32. a massage
33. starlit nights
34. teenagers
35. jigsaw puzzles
36. cookie dough
37. music by John Mayer
38. black and white photos
39. motorcycles
40. acoustic guitars
41. cotton T-shirts
42. patience
43. acknowledgements in books
44. firemen
45. Coke from Sonic
46. caller i.d.
47. kissing
48. quiet
49. tire swings
50. steam-in-the bag microwave veggies
51. manners
52. a full tank of gas
53. laughter
54. a moment to myself
55. iTunes
56. Autumn
57. professional football
58. traveling
59. handwritten thank you notes
60. watermelon
61. music by Jason Mraz
62. bracelets
63. embroidered handkerchiefs
64. Tyler candle “Intense”
65. used-book stores
66. local morning drive-time radio shows
67. smiles
68. flea markets
69. 70 MPH speed limits
70. sandals
71. money in the mail
72. hammocks
73. old houses
74. a great joke
75. the color blue
76. Netflix
77. scrapbooks
78. waiters
79. office supplies
80. bonfires
81. online banking
82. tulips
83. girls’ weekends away
84. my laptop
85. photography
86. MINI Coopers
87. farmers’ markets
88. journals
89. an organized closet
90. clean sheets
91. a great haircut
92. sincere compliments
93. hot water
94. antique roses
95. the last page of a book
96. fishing
97. weekends
98. Golden Retrievers
99. linen skirts
100. shade trees


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on one hundred posts! I have to say that I get excited everytime I check my email and get the notification that you have updated your blog. You are a terrific writer and friend. Those that truly know you know that you have many talents, Martha. Some of my favorites are: your chocoate chip cookie dough, your taste in books, and your wonderful friendship.

Joan Mora said...

Great list. No wonder we're friends, many of those would have made my list if I weren't too lazy to write one.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I have loved all one hundred of them. I usually wait to read it at the end of the day around 9 ish. I love ending my day that way because you always seem to make me laugh.
Keep bloggin!