Sunday, August 10, 2008

My decorating consultant should be fired

I’ve gone through a few decorating trends in my day. A very brief brush with everything wallpaper about 20 years ago. And the mauve era that thankfully went away. Now I like anything that reminds me of the beach—blue and white, sea shells, life guards. Yeah, I know. Who decorates with life guards? That’s just my imagination working overtime. I keep the beach-look minimalist since we live in Texas, but I do love the clean colors.

My daughter is often my shopping companion, and she likes to help me choose things for the house. She assisted with a recent fabric purchase when I made new curtains for the den. And now she’s campaigning for a redo of her bedroom. I’m not sure why. She’s rarely in there. She spent last night sleeping on a pallet on the floor next to my bed.

She wants me to paint her room pink. Right now it’s a lovely combination of periwinkle blue (my favorite color) and white. I stalled her with, “You keep your room clean, and we’ll paint it.” Seemed like a fair trade. Two months later…it’s still blue and white.

I really can’t trust her decorating judgment due to a recent discovery in my bathroom. I asked her, “What’s up with the naked Barbies on my doorknobs?” She giggled. She couldn’t come up with a good reason, other than she thought they were funny. Me too. But I doubt Martha would share the laugh with us.

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Wila said...

I am laughing at the naked Barbie doorknockers (did I write that?). I lived so many years with our Barbies in "Full Monty" and then I was told my daughters found putting her clothes back on just too much work. But they loved to cut their hair and color it with marker, lipstick or toenail polish! So I had naked, punked-out Barbies.