Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Car Talk

Of course it’s well-known and at times well-documented that the best conversations with my kids take place in the car.

Last week we had a discussion (prompted by the morning drive-time radio show) about what we should give up for Lent. I mused about previous years:

Me: So far I’ve given up chocolate, tea and soda. Not sure what I should give up this year…
Jacob: I’m not giving up anything. Jesus already died so I don’t have to give up stuff.
Ben: I’m giving up soda. And candy.
Me: (thinking of my future lower dental bills) Good idea, Ben.
Jacob: (to me) Why don’t you give up reading?
Danny: (apparently half-listening) Then she’ll turn blue and pass out.
Me: He said reading, not breathing. (But really, for me, pretty much the same thing.) Maybe I’ll give up fast food. Or Coke. Or just Coke at Sonic.

As a side note: I’ve given up fast food. And don’t miss it one bit. Except for Saturday when I bought Ben Chick-fil-A for breakfast after his soccer game. The chicken minis were calling for me…

Last night on the way to Jacob’s guitar lesson, then to Ben’s baseball practice. Someone brought up The Vagina Monologues.

Me: Oh, one of Joan’s relatives invited her to a performance in Dallas this week.
Jacob: Have you been to one?
Me: No and the funny thing is, Joan’s son Austin responded Yes to the RSVP.
Jacob: Austin wanted to go? Does he even know what a vagina is?
Me: He’s your age. I’m pretty sure he does.
Jacob: What are The Vagina Monologues?
Me: It’s just some woman sitting on a stage talking about woman stuff, I guess.
Ben: (finally commenting from the back seat—in his best ‘vagina voice’) Hello. It’s me. I’m itchy.

Remind me to check my insurance policy. I’m not sure I should be driving with my children in the car anymore.


Joan Mora said...

I'll borrow a line I just read on someone else's blog comments:

"I'm cleaning the coffee from my screen." Hilarious! (like Tom & Ray from the radio show!)

By the way, VM is over. Tomorrow night they're doing 12th night. I think I'm going if you want to.

Karen H. said...

I think I have conversations like this in my future. :) I would miss Chick Fil A, too. I always crave it on Sunday, when I can't have it.

Kendra said...

I'm cracking up! Did you ask him why he said "itchy"?! HA!

Julie Layne said...

Thanks for nearly knocking me off my treadmill. Yeah, thanks for that. :)

Todd and I went to VM a few years ago at my son's insistence (what is up with that?) and it was pretty dang funny and also moving. Awkward and uncomfortable at times, sure. For a good cause.

Anonymous said...

There is a daily devotional that I read and one from last week, the Pastor talked about giving things up for Lent and I thought of you (I remember your post from last year on this topic). He had a wonderful idea; that instead of giving things up maybe add things our lives such as more intentional prayer, serving others in new ways, attending worship. A wonderful way to to be more mindful of God’s presence in our lives.
Something to ponder


Amy Radachi said...

I'm crying from laughing so hard! I've seen the Vagina Monologues and it was outstanding. The men in the audience (yes, there were some) seemed a little uneasy, but I would highly recommend it to everyone.

My girlfriends and I have all taken on the "do something for others" during Lent. I've given up Vitamin Water, which will save me money AND calories. Yesterday morning at the Y I was complaining about drinking PLAIN water and the fitness instructor guy said, "Yeah, I'm really struggling with what I gave up." So I said, "Really, what was it?" He said, "I can't talk about it." Well then why did he even say anything if he can't talk about it?? A couple of minutes later he walked over to my treadmill and said, "I'm not a mindreader, but it's not what you think." How did he know what I was thinking??

Anonymous said...

Cracking up over "I'm itchy." How would HE know?

I've never seen the show, too bad for me.


Wila said...

In our house, only Zoe and I practice Lent. After several years of my having to adjust meals and shopping due to our different decisions we decided to both give up eating all four-legged animals. Our other family members are adamant that they will not give up their burgers and barbeque. Of course if they want to enjoy them they must eat out. To date Bert, Armand and Rigel seem pretty happy with chicken, turkey, tofu and fish.