Thursday, February 26, 2009

List making

The other day I was complaining to my friend Jennifer about how little I seem to accomplish during the day. She said, “I’ve started making a to-do list. You know, like professional people do at their jobs.” Ouch. She said she’s amazed at how much she accomplishes when she writes it down and then marks it off. That was a week or two ago and I’ve yet to heed her advice.

Today’s list would read:
aEmpty dishwasher
aWash sheets
aClean bathroom
aCall Angie and get name of cleaning lady
aBake cookies
aMarinate brisket for dinner tonight
aOrganize financials for taxes
aSubmit receipts for flex-plan reimbursement
aEdit photos and print off those of Flat Stanley for Jennifer’s daughter Abby Grace
aWrite up a witty account about how Flat Stanley spent his time in our area
aMail Flat Stanley back to Abby Grace
aClean off my desk
aWatch American Idol that I TiVo’d last night
aSit outside and enjoy 80 degree weather before cold front hits
aHem a pair of pants
aFinish up chapter three of my latest novel
aStart writing my chapter on other novel co-writing with Joan
aFind writing prompt for Writing Women meeting tomorrow

OK, so I’ve made a list. Worse yet, I’ve made it public. Now I’ll see how much of it I accomplish.


Joan Mora said...

Don't bother with Idol--they were all terrible except for the guy at the end. So watch the last 10 minutes and you're done.

I have a to-do list and it gets buried under the mounds of paperwork on my desk and I find it a few days later. Oh, I was supposed to do that!
Back to work...

Kendra said...

Maybe if you put things on your list like:

Brush Teeth
Get dressed

you'd feel more accomplished since you'd get to mark things off the list (hopefully!) :) Just a suggestion...

Anonymous said...

Hey Flat Stanley!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Have you been able to cross anything off your list yet? And I didn't see pack for your upcoming girls only weekend! Cannot wait to see you!


PT Hammonds said...

That's because I'm ALREADY packed!

And yes, my list has been completed. It just took me until today to complete it all.

Vodka Mom said...

I always make to do list!!!!
1. Do NOT kill my husband.
2. Do NOT yell and scream at my children.
3. Do NOT pick up the vase and throw it across the room.
4. Laugh at least ten time today.
5. GO to the liquor store.


Anonymous said...

I think once again, you are trying to be an "overachiever" with your list! I try to keep it at about 4 or 5, I can sit back and do something for me!
Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

I still have a "to do"list from last November, I just keep adding more to it than I take off (lots of pages now).
I remember Flat Stanley coming to Houston and visiting Joe and swimming.

Love to all, Grammy