Friday, November 21, 2008


I escaped to my local Star$s today for a cup of tea and some time to write in a different location. I went up to the counter to place my order and the guy working there said, "Hey. Cool sweater."

"Thanks," I said.

The other guy looked at him and frowned. "Hey, I'm into sweaters," came my guy's response.

And even though I promised myself I wouldn't, I confessed to him, "Wanna know where I got it? Goodwill!"

He, being a fellow frugal fashion finder, said, "Guess where I got mine? Thrift World! It's my favorite sweater, too."

I nodded. I could appreciate a guy who believed that it's not where you shop, but how you wear it. And then I picked up my cup of tea (that cost nearly as much as my lovely new-to-me sweater), found a sunny spot and a comfortable chair, and spent the next two hours with some other colorful characters...those in my new story.


Anonymous said...

I am so cheap! Love you got it there. That pair of jeans I raved about last time I saw you? Consignment store, and they are beloved.


Pamela Hammonds said...

Actually I bought two sweaters that day. And then I was telling my friend Jennifer that I need to get a dress to wear to a Christmas dinner that's semi-formal. The first thing she said was, "Don't go to Goodwill!" Please. She doesn't know what she's missing... My favorite winter coat came from The Salvation Army!