Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby-sitter Extraordinaire

I don’t remember having many baby-sitters while I was growing up, but I certainly spent many hours employed by neighbors and family friends. One summer I kept our neighbor’s two sons, Dwight and David, at their cool old house. Sometimes my little sister would tag along. The three of them would put on shows for me, playing tennis racquets like guitars and singing along to the Starland Vocal Band’s Afternoon Delight. Totally inappropriate in retrospect but, hey, they had fun.

My boys have baby-sat for hire on a few occasions—mostly when neighbors have to dash out for a bit and need an older child to oversee their young ones. Lately I’ve been leaving my five-year-old daughter with my oldest son when the middle child has soccer practice. It’s been a good lesson in responsibility for my son, and a nice opportunity for his sister to get to know him better. A few years from now, he’ll be away at college, and I hope their times together will form some lasting memories for her. And for him.

Last night I got home late—her brother had gotten her ready for bed, read to her and she was asleep. The Hot Wheel track was out (he claims she has the better cars, but he helped her buy them), and this artwork was on the fridge. He immortalized her into a cartoon character and then helped her color it.

This is one I will keep. Just in case she sometimes forgets what an awesome brother she has.


Julie Layne said...

What a sweet story and great picture.

Nothing's made my heart go pitty pat lately like it did when my college student son mentioned he was missing his little sisters. Of course, getting him to actually come home and spend a weekend with them instead of his friends would be a miracle.

Kendra said...

You are the only babysitter I remember having. (My parents, like yours, didn't get out much!) You watched me once while my parents went to Emens Artist Series and you let me put blankets all over the family room floor. (Apparently I was easy to entertain.)

Kristin said...

I went with you a couple of times to babysit David & Dwight! That was a cool house. I let my oldest son watch my youngest daughter, Emma awhile ago for about 30 mins. When I got home he was watching a DVD - by himself. I asked where Emma was and he responded "Who?" I informed him that Emma was his sister whom he was supposed to be watching. He jumped up in a hurry and said "she was here a minute ago!" I found her in her room playing. The next time he watched her, he taught her how to fart with a straw in her armpit and she was marching around the court when I got home! I leave the babysitting to my oldest daughter and other son now!

Anonymous said...

Good story........Jacob is a sweetie and a great artist.