Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Yes, I love it! No, really, I do!

I’ve had several appear in my inbox before. You know, the different versions of “Getting to Know You” Q&As that make the rounds. Someone comes up with 20+ questions and you fill in the answers and pass it back and along to your friends.

The other day I got a new one—a Christmas version that asked your favorite song, favorite gift, etc.

There was also a blank for the worst gift you ever received. Of the few I saw, runner-up goes to my cousin, Kendra, for receiving some plastic green army men from her great aunt. I’ve known her all my life, and not once did I ever mistake her for a five-year-old boy. What was she thinking?

Hands-down winner is my sister, Amy, for getting the anniversary collector’s edition video and book set of The Exorcist. From her husband. Yes, nothing says, I love you and Merry Christmas like a horror movie.

So, what is your worst gift ever? Can you top Amy’s?


Joan Mora said...

A guy I dated for about six months (during two separate time periods-I guess that makes a year!) once gave me a fifth of Johnnie Walker Black.

Now, if you know me at all, you'll know that 1/2 glass of wine is my limit.

Very romantic, huh?!

TeamH said...

My worst gift,technically wasn't a gift but she did give them to me, was from my mother-in-law. While she was cleaning out her closets, decided that I would like her old lingerie and some black face salt & pepper figurines. I didn't know that these things were on the way, so when I got the package with her note saying that she thought I might like these 'treasures' I was flabbergasted to say the least. They were promptly put out with next trash pick up!

Kendra said...

I emailed Amy this morning and told her I was STILL cracking up about the Exorcist gift and have shared the story with several co-workers....it's going to be really hard to top that...seriously!

pamela hammonds said...

Yea, it's hard to top used lingerie as a bad gift too. Can you say skank-ah?